Sit, Sleep, Standing Educational Seminars to help YOU get better faster and stay better for longer with us at Spirohealth.

We educate you on:

  • Sitting: what chairs are best and how to modify for best results

  • Shoes: what shoes are best to keep your body healthy

  • Beds and pillows: bed shopping can be difficult- we help you make the right decision and give you a simple formula for the right height pillow for you

  • Answer any questions you have on posture, health and wellbeing.

They usually fall on a Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm for approx. 45 minutes

ALL are welcome (including non members)

Please call or email to book 02087805656,

Here are the dates for 2018 subject to change:

10 April

1 May

22 May

12 June

3 July

24th July
14th August
4th September
25th September
16th October
6th November
27th November
18th December