Every bite is a message

Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off?

You have done your best in all diets from cleanses to fasting, paleo and keto? Nothing suits your lifestyle and calories in vs calories out theory has failed you too?

Dr Natalie of Spirohealth recently watched a fantastic talk on MindValley during their A fest. The speaker was presenting on food and health. Her name is JJ Virgin.

and she said this one thing that has stuck in my head for weeks now…

What is on the end of your fork is a message to your body!

Isn’t that profound?

Basically it means if you really analyse what you eat everyday, it tells your body how to burn it and how to store it.

If you are eating very high simple carbs like bread, pasta, sweet cakes and pastries- your body will be a sugar burner. Needing to eat regularly to keep your blood sugar up. Excess will be stored as fat for sure.

However if you fill up on fibrous carbs like veg and eat higher good fats (avocado, nuts, olives, coconut, flaxseed), you will eat less often and the body will not store fat so easily as it’s getting a steady supply with a more steady blood sugar level.

Mrs Virgin talks about the 7 main foods that we should avoid to live longer and healthier lives. And she even shares an idea for a fantastic breakfast that hits all her tick off list for superfoods your body needs for a super charged day ahead.


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