Everything to LOSE with meditation!!!

The BIG ‘M’ word… meditation

so much hype around it.

meditationMEDITATION. It’s really become in fashion now but what I would like to make clear here is that not all meditation is relaxation and not all relaxation is meditation.

There are some amazing guided meditations out there on you tube and some phone apps.

It’s not so much what we gain from meditating and connecting with your inner calm and higher self, it’s what we lose!

We decrease

  • Anger
  • Depressive thoughts and feelings
  • Anxiety
  • Neurotic thought
  • Self hate
  • Mind chatter

Imagine all of that now? More space to be your ‘perfectly imperfect’ self and reach your truest potential.

Thanks for your time, with love and gratitude to you


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