Pregnancy is a time of massive change in a woman’s body. Being nearly 28 weeks pregnant myself and having been a postural expert for nearly 12 years now, I can speak from experience with all the benefits I am receiving with regular alignments. I can honestly say, I don’t know how women endure pregnancy without any postural support. It’s not only the effect of increased hormones in our blood stream or the fact that we are growing a human being inside us in 40 weeks, it’s the blood volume increasing by 50%, it’s the structural changes, with a big belly and opening hips and increased pressure on the joints.

I have total trust in the body and nature. We were designed to carry babies and give birth, as long as we provided the right environment, both internally and externally, this would be a relatively smooth ride. But we do so much more sitting now that our posture pre pregnancy has changed so much. We do less squatting and so our pelvic floor muscles are weaker than 50 years ago. We do less exercise to gently stretch tissues and mobilise changing joints. Our beds and couches at home are less supportive. Our stress levels are higher. Our diets have changed with sugar laden in everything.

During pregnancy so many women decide to stop any exercise and go with the flow. I get that, growing a baby is hard work. And if you have had some difficulty falling pregnant or keeping a baby, you are ultra cautious. But labour is called labour for a reason, it is hard work. On our cardiovascular system, muscular system, skeletal system…in fact all our systems are challenged at this time. So please consider doing some exercise that keeps you fit, gets your heart rate up a little and gets you panting gently. Clear this with your physician and see a personal trainer if you need a plan. Pregnancy training 23 weeks

When I visit my chiropractor a few things happen:

  1. I can breathe deeper. This is because alignments give more space to my lungs and my heart. Oxygen is vital for all metabolic processes in the body, never mind for my growing baby. I can do those stairs and not feel as out of breath.
  2. I carry differently. My bump angle changes. Usually from being very low with my belly button pointing down, to my belly button pointing straight forward. I feel like I have a brace on as my core muscles kick in. Guess what? It’s easier to move around and I am more mobile.
  3. Less pressure on my bladder. This is never going to be 100% with the baby changing position and growing daily but I get relief. I am not up 4-5 times that night, it’s 1-2 times. More sleep for me = happier mom to be.
  4. The swelling in my legs subsides. On the days I get my alignments, my legs are not as swollen. I am doing more administration work now so I will not get away from sitting more and as you get bigger, you simply sit more too. Sitting is not conducive to good circulation of blood and lymph from the legs.
  5. Lower back pain relief. I have been truly shocked about how terrible my back pain has been. I  have worked with many pregnant women in the past but only now am I really connecting with the pain and discomfort they were in. I know many health care workers will say,’ You pregnant, deal with it.’ Well I am here to tell you, ‘YOU DON’T HAVE TOO!’ I honestly get about 85% improvement in my lower back pain after alignment. I am lucky enough to say I am pain free at the moment but I know this can change as my body changes and baby grows. This goes for sciatica type symptoms too. Get yourself aligned for relief and off any pain killers.

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