Good things from lockdown

Hi everyone

I hope you & your families are keeping well at this time & keeping your spirits up.

I have to confess, last week wasn’t my most productive 🤣 Particularly at the beginning of the week I found myself glued to every TV news programme going and in spite of myself I was getting quite anxious about the situation. Yes, it is really worrying & I’m particularly concerned about my mum but getting myself all worked up about it won’t help anyone. So over the last few days I’ve deliberately not watched too much news & have been concentrating on other things.

I’m not a great lover of running, but as this is now the only exercise I can feasibly do I am doing an hours walk/run each day. The other side of this is that it gives Andy & I a little space from one another – even though we have always spent a lot of time together being with one another 24/7 is a totally different ball game.

I’ve always loved cooking and now I have more time I’m really getting back into it – we have an fantastic local deli which stocks wonderful produce & it’s a joy to plan & prepare a delicious meal. At the moment my skills don’t extend to baking (my mum is the absolute queen of cakes & pies), but perhaps that is something I can work on over the next few weeks. Gosh – I’ll be needing those runs!

Whilst I’m missing seeing everyone (& there really is no substitution for being able to give someone a big hug) thank goodness for technology & ‘Houseparty’ in particular – we’ve been having drinks with friends & actually great fun. On Friday we are planning a dinner party where we will all get dressed up & sit down to eat together. A bonus of lockdown is that I don’t think I’ve kept so well in touch with my friends & family for years! Just goes to show you shouldn’t take these things for granted.

I actually can see some good things coming out of this – I think this video (link below) sums it up perfectly for me

I wish you all well – keep safe & look after yourselves & each other ️

Mrs Vicky Miller


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