Heartfelt thank you from Vicky

Vicky, ‘Thank you, Team Spiro’

I consider myself lucky in many ways – I’m blessed with a wonderful husband, family, friends and lifestyle and find it comes naturally to focus on all the positive things in my life.

Having said that – I’m the same as the next person and things aren’t always that easy.

We recently lost my father-in-law and saw him decline progressively with dementia – and now I’m facing the same situation with my own father. I can’t express how sad it is to see such proud and wonderful men lose themselves & can’t even begin to imagine how my mum feels after over 60 years of marriage. The sadness we all feel is also tinged with worry, frustration, anger, grief and a whole host of other emotions – the list is endless – and we’re all dealing with it in our own ways.

Something that has really helped me to cope with all this and keep going is the help and support I’ve had from all of the Spiro team. Never judgmental, always taking time to ask how things are & to listen – and helping me see that when I’m at my lowest I’m doing the best I can – what more can you ask? Thank you team Spiro.

I have also been having some Life Coaching with Natalie – something that I didn’t know much about but has armed we with such great tips and techniques to help me see things more clearly and from a different angle. With Life Coaching you still have to work things out for yourself, but are gently guided along the way – I would highly recommend to give it a go. (I know Natalie offers a 30 minute complementary discovery session to get you started and see if it’s a fit for you.)

With that, I leave you – the sun has come out at last & I feel armed and ready to get on with my day . See you at Spirohealth soon.

thank you
Vicky Miller

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