Horse riding and ABC

Bianca of Spirohealth writes:

I started horse riding a year ago, I have always loved animals and the outdoors and I wanted a new challenge. I am by no means an experienced rider but I do love my weekly lessons. Like every sport it has its positives and negatives on my body.

Horse riding is particularly good for my core, inner thighs and pelvic muscles, balance and coordination and the best thing, is it leaves me feeling happy and uplifts my mood. If your body is functioning at its optimum with correct spinal alignment, done correctly it shouldn’t cause any back pain.

My horse riding instructor tells me to sit up straight, keep my shoulders back, and stop leaning forward. It is a constant battle to maintain good balance and posture in the saddle and make sure I give the horse the right instructions. I get adjusted twice a week and what I have noticed is that if I don’t get my adjustment before my horse ridding lesson I am less balanced and have less control of the horse.

If we are unnaturally balanced, this will, without a doubt, transfer to your horse and affect his or her own movement and muscle development, so us having good posture is just as important for us as it is our horse.

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Bianca Downey Advanced ABC level 3

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