I don’t need posture correction

I know what you’re thinking. Posture correction, I don’t need it. But if you think that this is just about posture, then you’ve missed the point. Yes, of course, you’re gonna look better. So boobs out, tummy in, bum in a good place, shoulders back. Fantastic, you look better. (You also bring more confidence into the workplace and people’s first impressions are way better.)

You also take care of aches and pains. So yes, we talk about neck pain, back pain, disc, you know, sports injuries, headaches, all of these arthritic problems we can help with at Spirohealth as well. Fantastic!

But if you think it’s just about that, you’ve missed the point again.

We change things like circulation, blood pressure. We look at heart function improves. We improve balance. We improve your breathing and your breathing rate. More oxygen, more oxygen to the brain, more oxygen to the body, more productivity.

You can think clearer, your brain fog goes away. It’s about clarity, it’s about energy levels. It’s about eyesight. It’s about showing up better as the better version of you in your family, in your work, in your social life.

So if you think it’s just about posture correction and fixing pain, then you are mistaken because it’s also about performance on the sports field or in the gym. So max reps or minutes per K or cadence or power on the watt bike or, you know, recovery after a big session improves or preventing injury is there.

And if you think it’s just about the physical, you’re mistaken again because it affects your hormones.

Women’s cycles can be restored. Erectile dysfunction can be helped.

We look at things like digestion. So acid reflux, both from a neurological and a mechanical point of view, we can fix that, as well as bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. I myself have seen results in this office with things like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease on my life.

Your immune system improves. So your immune system is a subset or part of, or controlled by, whatever you want to call it, your nervous system. If we are taking pressure off your nervous system, guess what? It’s rebooting your immune system. So the first line of defense, I believe, when you’re coming up with any kind of cold or anything going on, is coming in to get your spine aligned.

If you think it’s just about posture correction, then you’ve missed the point, because it’s also about things like sleep quality. So hitting those deep sleeps and getting restorative rest and waking up in a completely different way, which then affects things like your appetite and your cravings and, and, and, and, and…

So please get yourself to an ABC practitioner, Advanced Biostructural Correction, ABC. Find one. We’re in Putney in London. There’s many around. Get a checkup with them.

We usually offer free discovery sessions- that are not going to take any money out of your pocket. So come in, you have a check. We can give you some insight. We can give you some feedback, and then you decide if this is for you. But honestly, please don’t miss the point.

Come on in. We’re here for you

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Director Natalie Robertson

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