I Moustache you a question… don’t shave this one for later- it’s a hairy good read.

Do you know why men across the Globe are growing moustaches?? To raise awareness for men’s health issues;
– Prostate cancer
– Testicular cancer
– Mental health and suicide prevention.

Globally 9.9M men are living with or beyond prostate cancer. The worlds’ most common cancer in men ages 15-39 is testicular cancer and globally, on average 1 man dies by suicide every minute of every day. Suicide is largely preventable and there is an abundance of information which can be found here.

Until it came to writing this blog and researching the reasons people grow their moustaches in Movember, I genuinely thought it was only raising awareness for prostate cancer- I think this highlights the general ability men have to hide the emotional side of … just about everything.

Mental illness is not something we should be ashamed of or hide and it is important we raise equal awareness for this. Talking to someone will help things get easier. Did you know you can request a private room when seeing us at Spirohealth? Just notify the front desk or your clinician. We are always here for you.

Before you read this blog and excitedly jog down the stairs at Spirohealth expecting to see me with a tash; I am unable to grow a moustache that meets in the middle, leaving me looking mildly pre-pubescent… which unfortunately doesn’t bode well with my girlfriend and instead I’m left writing a blog to raise awareness. For those of you who are more fortunate in your moustache growing abilities, if you would like your progress to be recorded on our Facebook page we will be more than happy to collect donations and raise awareness on your behalf.

And don’t forget you don’t get a rainbow without a little rain.

Ben Wells ABC practitioner


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