Improved athletic ability and ABC™

In a world that is fiercely competitive at the highest levels of sport, we are seeing the greater and greater increase in use of performance enhancing drugs. Just this week Russia has been given a 4 year ban in all competition, ruling them out of the next summer and winter Olympics as well as Soccer World Cup. This is a problem that is not going away because the elite athletes will do anything to win. The Goldman’s Dilemma paints this picture out clearly, elite athletes were asked if they could be guaranteed overwhelming success but they would die in 5 years, would they still take the drug. The answer came back that over 50% said they would, this is a statistically significant number, showing its no the few but the majority that will do it.

If you fall into this category of being an elite athlete or you are driven to be your best, beyond the status quo, you might want to consider what we can do with Advanced Biostructural Correction™. This day an age there is an awful lots of sitting that is done, so much so there are studies that compare it to smoking in terms of its health detriment. From our perspective, as ABC practitioners we see that sitting, particularly in the wrong position(which is a whole topic on its own), collapses the body forward, which is deleterious to the lung capacity and air flow. In the past 7 years of doing in excess of 45000 adjustments, the most consistent change is in improvement of ease respiration and depth. This is normally even seen after the 1st treatment. This is no small thing, this is a tangible increase in respiration, which alongside a healthy and fit cardiovascular system means better oxygenation of the cells and better more efficient use of Aerobic respiration cycles. this means better endurance to the individual.

So in a world that will take drugs at the drop of a hat, to get ahead, there are other ways of vastly improving certain innate systems of the body, by fine tuning what you already have. These results apply to everyone that comes in to see us, whether you are elite or a weekend warrior or a wellness person. Its always good to be better.

Keep well and keep moving.

Warm regards

Stuart Murray

A previous team member here at Spirohealth. He now works In Epsom at Spine

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