Is your bed making you depressed?

The idea behind this blog post came from me going through an unwind and a change of sides (if you don’t know what these are, scour our website here or go to ABC MIRACLES). Whilst I have been delivering ABC for 7 years, I have also been receiving it for that period and my body has undergone significant changes.

Just a week ago I was feeling flatter than a pancake, a dark cloud had ascended over me, I was listless, fatigued and felt as if I was wading through syrup. I blamed food, lack of sleep, life circumstances and all the rest. What I failed to do is ask Bianca (my ABC practitioner) to adjust me and check out whether I was structurally ok. Within a few minutes of my adjustment I could see that she wasn’t happy with the results and she decided to check my sides; we found out that I had changed sides. This means that your body is hanging on the pons-cord tract, which causes tension to run through it. After my adjustment, I didn’t feel like i had a dark cloud over me and I could see things in balance. This was like being a person that couldn’t get happy about winning the Euromillions jackpot to being that weird person you know that is always chipper within 15 minutes. I wouldn’t have thought it possible but it happened to me. This triggered the realisation that some people see this state as normal and live this way for very long periods of time.

Whilst I am not suggesting that anxiety and depression can be solely linked to structure and neural tension alone, it made me think that it could be of significant help to some individuals. For example, the fact that you can go to bed early and have a full 8 hours of sleep and wake up feeling great one day and with a grey cloud over you a next, suggests that it maybe worth considering that the bed and pillow you’re sleeping on may be creating neural tension and messing with it. I think it is plausible particularly if you see how soft and saggy most beds are. To further this thinking I am going to attempt to create a case study and/or track a few people and let you lovely Spirohealthers know the results.

Mental health is just so important, so make sure you are exercising, eating and sleeping well. Be sure to also talk to health professionals and family/friends you trust to help you through your dark times. We are here for you at Spiro!

If you have noticed this type of change in your adjustments, please let us know here!


Yours in health.
Stuart, DC

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