Keep away the WINTER sniffles!

With Winter fast approaching us here in the UK- let’s have a look at what we can be supplementing with to prevent an unwanted cold and winter sniffles

Winter sniffles
Winter is coming!
  1. Good multivitamin:

      I know most of you think you are getting enough from your diet but we are no longer picking oranges off a tree in the mountains and eating them there and then, In fact a lot of them are ripened off the tree in warehouses and lose most of their nutrients. Have a look for a well known brand here- ask your health shop manager to advise and take one everyday.
  2. Probiotic:

      This restores the balance of good bacteria in your gut.  We have been exposed to many antibiotics in our lifetime in foods and we don’t even know it.This can be related to immune system issues, slow weight loss, brain fog, digestive troubles and even behavioural problems- especially obvious in children.
  3. Omega 3 fish oils:

      Brain function people! Not now but for 20 years time- your body will thank you. Fish sources can be suspect in terms if quality and quantity.
  4. Vitamin D:

      Let’s face it we don’t see the sun from now until April again. And even when we do the rays are too weak to stimulate the body to make Vitamin D. For those of you that don’t know- its made by the body from sun rays hitting naked skin in a rather complicated process. Lack of  Vitamin D can affect sleep, bone, hair and nail strength, immune system function and has been linked to depression too.

For the whole family…for the extra ordinary life!  Check out this immune boosting smoothie recipe here

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