Let’s talk brain fog

Let’s talk brain fog. So I’m going to talk about what it is, I’m going to talk about where it comes from and why and what the cause is, and then obviously how I can help at Spirohealth.

So first of all, what is brain fog? Now brain fog is something that can develop over a long period of time and it can be happening gradually. So it can affect things like your focus, concentration, energy levels, but really you can have vision that’s slightly off, you can feel hazy, often you can feel like you’re floating, and as I said, your creativity and focus is down. So brain fog is really common, especially here in SpiroHealth, and the cause of it can be 100% posture related. Check out our free posture quiz here.

One of the main causes can be structure. And what I mean by that is that we have a brain stem , we obviously have our brain. When you tug on that brain stem and you put tension on the spinal cord and brain stem, brain fog is a very common symptom of that. Other symptoms are blood pressure issues, immunity issues, digestive issues, sleeping issues, obviously pain, balance issues, hormonal issues. So we work a lot with that in this office as well, but specifically for brain stem. When there’s tension on it, it comes from the spine and it comes from a structure when bones in the spine are stuck forward. Now this can be anywhere in your spine, but very commonly we can see a lot of improvement of brain fog when we get people’s head to come back with this forward head posture. Again, it’s not the only cause of it, it can come from other places that are stuck forward in the lower back, etc.

So in this office in Spirohealth, Putney, we work on fixing those bones that are stuck forward. Now you don’t have muscles attached in a way to fix them yourselves, so it’s impossible. So what we do is we specialize in fixing these bones. So we bring them back into place, we take tension off the brain stem, which creates a lot more connection to the nervous system and balance, and you obviously then are more clear.

There’s a couple of testimonials and reviews that we have where people are talking about this clarity. So if you are suffering with that, please, please get hold of us.

Come in and have a check. We’d love to see you, love to check you out, and love to give you some help. 

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brain fog
Natalie Robertson Director

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