Let’s talk office chairs

Let’s talk office chairs. Now, most office chairs, if you look at them from the side, will have a very, very arched lower back, so lower back support. They will have a head support. And some people are even given footrests, especially if you’re like me and you’re not so tall.

Now, why are these things not going to help you over a 6 to 8, 10 hour, 12 hour day? Basically, the head support is not supporting you, it’s pushing your head forward, which then creates more of this, which none of us want, and also more tension then through our shoulders. The lower back support, which feels so damn good because it feels like it’s supporting you, is actually pushing your body forward. So the rest of your body is compensating all day for that. That is a lot of hard work.

A footrest tilts your pelvis in the wrong direction and collapses your body. So actually, then you’re promoting this over the whole day.

Now, what is a good office chair? We recommend something that is 90 degrees, okay, base and upright. Quite a high back base to obviously support your thoracic spine with no headrest. We also recommend feet flat on the floor.

The wedges that we sell in our shop, if you want to take a look, they make sure that your hips are higher than your knees when you are sitting. That is almost like giving your pelvis a high heel to wear, but not too high a heel. It props you up so that you can breathe better, so that you can focus better, productivity is better, all things that are good for a good working day.

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