Life coachingHow can I help YOU reach your full potential?

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. That is one of the things that makes us human… the need to improve, grow and expand.

Everyone is looking for both fulfilling their true potential and/or overcoming life challenges and lessons…right?

Perhaps seeing things from a different perspective may help?

We may want that promotion, we may want that healthier, stronger body, more stability, more time/freedom or we may want to attract the perfect partner in our lives.

You may want to find relief from anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, anger or depression, binge eating, drug, alcohol, sex addictions. Get over a relationship breakdown or become a better parent.

Life coaching could be just the answer you are looking for.

Quantum SuccessI have been on my own transformative life journey for over 8 years now. I was shaken ‘awake’ by the diagnosis of my Father with terminal Cancer.

We all have these ‘upside down’ shifts that stir up questions and emotions we cannot explain. They are there to teach us something. I am here to gently guide you through these experiences and walk alongside you on your journey.

You might also be looking to find your true potential/purpose, reach your goals, bring your dreams to reality and would like a guiding process that empowers you to success?

I am passionate about working with eating disorders, addictions and grief processing.

What exactly is Life Coaching you say? Why would I need it, you ask?

Did you know that all professional footballers now have a life coach/sports psychologist on their team of experts? They are not contracted otherwise.

You might be looking to make some changes in your life?

Perhaps something has already changed and you are looking for a new direction. Asking yourself constantly, There must be something more out there?

Perhaps you want to improve your health, your confidence or find out what your purpose is in life?

Maybe you want to support people to make changes in their lives?

Life Coaching with me can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Along the way you will learn tools and life skills that you can apply in many personal or professional situations. You develop a clear inner guidance system that works for YOU.

It’s a transformative process and a powerful opportunity to make the changes in your life and make your difference in the world.

There has never been a better time to work on YOU.

I am available for 1 to 1 face to face at Spirohealth and flexible Zoom calls worldwide.


I am offering you a 15 minute Complementary Discovery session with me so you can have a special introduction and any of your questions answered. I am honoured at the thought that you may consider me to be a part of your life journey.

Regular Fees
1 hour session: £140

I also offer bespoke and program led Corporate talks/workshops and multiple session schedules. Please reach out for more details at

You can find me on instagram @bulimiaguru


“Prior to working with Natalie, I was feeling overwhelmed by everything happening around me and couldn’t see a clear path through. Our sessions together are lifting that fog of uncertainty, self-doubt and insecurity, making me feel that anything is possible. Natalie is able to draw out of me answers to my questions and challenges by providing me the simple tools and techniques to deal with them, allowing me to make my own choices. Never judgemental, Natalie’s gentle, insightful manner, radiating positive energy has allowed us to develop a trusting, supportive and encouraging relationship, helping me perform better and improving the quality of my life.” — VM

“After a life changing event, I was left questioning a lot. Who I am? What my purpose was, I was so adamant that I needed to find my purpose straight away that I was obsessing over it in an unhealthy way. Then I had a coaching session with Natalie. The first session I left feeling in a nutshell ‘Hope!’ We began developing tools and methods, very simple things that I could do to achieve my personal goals. There is no pressure, no judgment and I am hooked! I am fitter, healthier, and more positive than I have ever been. I can’t wait for my next session!” — BF

“Natalie and I began working together at a time when I was seeking clarification on some life changes I wanted to focus on. Often before our weekly catch ups I would feel trapped or despondent about my current situation. I loved our collaborative catch ups, they left me excited and ready to go out and achieve all my goals. Natalie introduced me to some practical tools I could use really easily in my daily routine which keep me inspired between sessions together” – SC

“Working with Natalie, and her sessions, have played a big part in helping me declutter my mind and ease some of the issues that have been weighing me down.
This has happened in a way that has been comfortable for me with the focus in each session being about what I am happy and would like to talk about.
Without really realising I have been making progress in many aspects in my life. And when I sit down to review things and my development with Natalie it confirms how much what we discuss in our sessions is helping. Couldn’t recommend working with Natalie enough”- Mr AK