Listening to your body

Do you listen to your body?

One of my passions is Sport and as some of you may know I have recently given a health seminar at the office. My blog this month ties into some messages I gave at the talk, and I hope that it will help some of you exercise and stay injury free for longer.

I think is safe to say that one thing a lot of people are guilty of these days is not listening to their bodies. I know I am. Living and working in London is such a busy lifestyle, we often find we don’t have time to deal with this back pain right now or this pain in my knee. Sometimes it’s easier to just take a pain killer or even just ignore it until it goes away. In some cases, we have just learned to live with it, but it repeatedly comes back, and we repeatedly ignore it… Until one day it REALLY comes back with a crippling effect, but how?

‘All I did was step off the side walk funny or bent over to close the oven door and I put my back out.’ Now your body is saying, remember all those times I hinted, and you did not listen? Well now it’s too late and I’ve had enough. We get to the point where we have let our bodies compensate and twist up so much that they actually have no-where else to go. We lose the mechanical function and the ability to adapt to even just minor stress on our bodies. Our body is in such an uncomfortable position that it will no longer function the way we expect it to. You now lose the ability to exercise as regularly, enjoy daily activities and you now immensely increase your likelihood of getting injured again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to decrease the likelihood of this happening and to not have to worry about doing the simplest of things? Through ABC, we remove these layers of compensations and twists. We are essentially restoring your mechanical function and your body’s ability to adapt to stressful situations and prevent injury. But in the words of BJ Palmer ‘the preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease’ and therefore what I would like you to take from this is that listening to your body’s hints is vital to staying injury free.

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Ben Wells

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