March Newsletter

Happy Easter Spirohealthers

Move better, Feel better, Think better with us

I am sure you agree the extra hour of light in the evening has been a lovely change for us all, even though temps could start coming up now please weather man!

Where shall i start with our news?

Giant chocolate bunny competition ends this week
Thank you to all who liked our Facebook page and shared articles they liked. Please continue to look out for more prizes and giveaways for Facebook followers.

Stuart moving to evenings only
Turns out,Stuart is a night owl, he works at his best in the later hours. You are very welcome to keep your morning schedule with myself or Bianca.

We are inviting committed clients to join our tribe! Very exciting with numerous perks and benefits. Details will follow very soon, watch your inbox and at Spiro soon.

Our first WEBINAR of 2018

30 minutes to a more balanced life with Dr Natalie
17 May 7:30pm

Log in on laptop, computer, smart phone at home, on train/bus, at the gym…

Anywhere really… even in your pj’s!
1. What makes you tick

2. Get the best out of yourself and loved ones

3. Get what YOU want in your relationships

4. Be able to relax and destress in any situation

5. Tangible plan to achieve a more balance life

Please sign up by emailing to book your place
Please share with your community too.

Want to unwind faster? Stay better for longer?

Book your SSS class NOW at reception
4 April
25 April

Cheers for now, travel safe

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