bria francis

Bria Francis

Bria grew up in London with a particular interest in holistic healing and all things beauty. She is now an avid Podcast creator who enjoys sharing as she learns how to navigate life. When she’s not learning new things, Bria loves to be out exploring and trying new restaurants.

Bria has been working with us at Spirohealth for over 8 years. After seeing what Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABCTM) can do, she was totally blown away by the life-changing results it can have.

‘I want people to live extraordinary lives, our bodies do an amazing job of feeling itself once they have been given a fighting chance to.’

As a mother, Bria has experienced firsthand how ABCTM has impacted her little girl’s life and how important it is to start from a young age.

‘She loves the little karate chops, she thinks it’s all a fun little game that makes her feel better.’
Her special interest is introducing people who have never considered seeking help for their issues to recognise the benefits of ABCTM. Her goal is to turn those doubtful into believers, empowering as many people as possible to take back control over their health and lives.

‘If there is one thing I have learned it is, pain is the last symptom and suffering in silence doesn’t make the problem go away. I have seen ABCTM can Provide options for those who those who may feel they do not have any.’