El ‘Abundance’ Kaye | Psychological Therapies Lead (Senior BACP Accredited), Somatic Therapist

El Kaye studied in Existential Humanistic Psychology MA in 2011 and Psychology PGDip in 2008.

He has worked across public, private and corporate sectors and has expanded his practice to include the use of EFT, IFS, CBT, Psychoanalytic Couples work and ingrained somatic guided trauma work.

He also specialises in anxiety and depression and can assist in the integration of C-PTSD and utilising Anima/Shamanic Journey work as well as more recently qualifying in the use of Psych-K(TM) in 2023.

“I was trained in the Western Psychological Sciences but as I deepen in non-dual awareness, I have come to work in a more holistic, Yogic and energetic way whilst maintaining the scientific objectivity methods to ensure we are measuring improvement in a client’s goals”

“Ultimately life challenges are navigated differently by everyone.  Each client is unique and so I tailor our work to become a co-created manifestation of what they truly desire to change in their lives.”


Dialogical Humanistic Therapy (50 minutes) – £65

Psychoanalytic Couples Counselling (1 hour 20 minutes) – £90

Anxiety, Depression and Trauma Clinic (50 minutes) – £70

Hypno-regression (1hour 30  minutes) – £120