Dr Mia Pal | Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist

Having started work with Natalie and after an early age career in ballet, that took its toll on her body, Mia soon became a friend of the clinic and she realised that her work in the field of psychotherapy is very much in alignment with the mission here at Spirohealth.

Mia has trained in Neurolinguistics and Hypnotherapy in USA, Florida with Bennett Stellar University in 2016, continuing with a MSc in Psychology in 2021 and a doctorate in Criminology in 2022.

Mia has worked extensively with people supporting them in their unique self transformation journeys.

The changes we go through from early ages until and throughout adulthood are often filled with suffering, as all transformational and growth processes are . In our culture we are not encouraged to go through these processes with support groups. Without the understanding and the support , the ‘aloneness’ is often intolerable and leads to complex issues that have been challenging our society for years: addictions (to work, to perfection, to foods), depression, anxiety and the list goes on.

Every journey is extremely unique to each of us and such is the approach Mia applies in her work. The shoe that perfectly fits one person pinches another and in the process of finding out what fits us best , we try many models, many shapes and we learn to be flexible and that our flaws are not bad just as the flaws of a tree are part of its wholeness and we learn to be less critical and more accepting of our lives and who we are.

The areas Mia is passionate about include: addictions, trauma, anxiety, changes and transition processes (such as divorce, loss, grievance, psychological and emotional abuse).


£90-£110 per hour session
Packages available