Natalie Robertson | Clinic Director, Advanced ABC Practitioner, Osteomyologist (UK), Life Coach, Speaker

“For years I suffered from headaches and migraine. My eldest brother is a chiropractor and he was working on my spine and posture. My headaches and migraines disappeared and I knew then that I had to help people out there like me!”

Natalie is Zimbabwean born and studied her six year Chiropractic Masters degree in Durban, South Africa qualifying end 2005. She now practices in the UK as an Osteomyologist. Her dad played Springbok rugby and her mom has a Olympic gold medal for hockey from Moscow 1980. She also played hockey for Zimbabwe and at a provincial level in South Africa.

“‘Move well, think well, eat well’ is such a fantastic motto to live by. Wellness and health involves all sectors of our lives. At Spirohealth we aim to educate and achieve measurable results with all our clients. Changing lives everyday.”

Babies and children respond so quickly to alignments and Natalie has seen some truly amazing things in her time. Dealing with these little people is a true passion of hers though her oldest client is 94 years young… so it’s never too late!

After the intensity of playing high level hockey, Natalie now enjoys other activities such as the gym, long walks and jogging. She also enjoys and recommends meditation – “try it, even if it’s 5-10 minutes… very good for stress management.”

“My friends are so important to me; we have delicious dinners, go to movies and lots of laughs. I visit my family in South Africa once a year and they endevour the English summer in June. The sun is one of the loves of my life and I enjoy holidays to hot sunny climates.”

Natalie is adjusted in the Spirohealth clinic at least twice a week believing her body needs to be looked after too, especially after taking care of all her patients everyday. Plus she tries to live life to the fullest!

Come in and meet Natalie and your South West London Chiropractors. Have a chat and find out what is going on in your body and nervous system. With a few techniques up our sleeves, we can get you ‘back to your best’.

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