Mythbusting #2 Posture: ‘I will just pull my shoulders back!!!’

While being mindful of your posture is a good thing ( I am sure your Mom’s or Grandmother’s voice comes into your mind)…it’s hard work and as you get distracted through out your day your ‘forget’ to sit up straight. And this will not create permanent lasting structural change. We simply do not have muscles attached in a way that pull segments of the spine backwards.

You may notice this more in your kids? They do copy your posture- so you should really get fixed up first! I have noticed that children with

shoulders back
Keep your kids healthy

concentration issues and hyperactivity have horrible postural problems and twists in their bodies. How does this happen you asking? Birth is  serious process (ask any Mom), very traumatic even at the best of times. Other causes- shoes, beds and sitting positions, falls etc. Because of the pull on the brainstem in a forward posture they fidget like crazy, cannot sit still and much prefer standing up and being active- they even focus better. Same goes for adults.

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