Newsletter: February 2018

Dear Spirohealthers,

Happier, Healthier, Alive
We at Spirohealth love life! The drive behind everything we do is so that you can enjoy your life and not be plagued with issues such as pain, lack of vitality and stress. We are here for you.

Another month almost done and dusted and I hope you holding onto your woolie hats because there is another cold snap on the way.

Stuart is taking full advantage of the winter snow dumps and off skiing in a weeks time with his lovely wife Becky.

Vicky is off with her husband, Andy and the dogs to France next week. Have some good R and R!

Bria is hard at her studies. For those of you that don’t know, she is studying Chiropractic. Go Bria! She will be taking you into the adjusting area in the near future.

Bianca is feeling much stronger after her leave of absence with no voice last week.

I have a crawling baby now. Little Brooke is into everything and making a huge developmental leap as we speak. I cannot believe how fast time has gone? Take it easy out there, lots of love Natalie and the team xxx

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