Newsletter January 2017


What is the crack at Spiro?

Firstly, is it too late to wish you and your families all a very happy and healthy 2017 and beyond! We wish you all the very best! Sprinkle of snow last week created much excitement around town too.

Secondly, our building works to repair the water damage from the flood in December are in the pipeline. The Spiro team and I cannot thank you enough for your support through this challenging time. We are commmited to keeping to your health goals no matter what! The show must go on!

Thirdly, we are offering all returning Spiro clients a FREE MOT for the year. A FULL reexamination  to see what is going on with your posture, health and nervous system.


  • There is an awesome Sit, Sleep, Standing class 18th January at 7:15pm and the next one is due for the 15th February. ALL are welcome to get YOU better faster and stay better for longer
  • Calling ALL PARENTS! Never ask twice!
  • Do you repeat yourself 100 times and end up shouting all day?
  • The parent practice are at Spiro giving top tips on how to get your children following instructions first time everytime.
  • When: 8th February 7:15pm- 8:15pm
  • Where: Spirohealth

ALL are welcome, even non members.

That is all for now folks…oh one last thing- Natalie did not eat too many mince pies in the holidays, she is expecting a little bundle of joy in the middle of the year. Pink or Blue- what do you think???

With love and gratitude,
Natalie xo

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