Why no lumbar support?

‘What do you mean no lumber support on my office chair?’

Such a common statement we hear everyday at Spirohealth. And a good question at that. You would have thought a lumbar roll or an inflatable support for your lower back would be good for you- turns out not BUT why?

You know we have lots and lots of muscles in our body. The one thing they don’t do is pull one vertebra (spine bone) backwards on another. So if you are hunching over at the top, ‘think hunchback of Notre Dame’ and your lower back is weak with vertebrae that are now stuck forward, causing that arch in your lower spine, a lumber support will push that even more forward. This causes your upper spine to work really hard just to be upright to see your computer screen, your colleague in a meeting or even breathe.

The result, not only are you tired but you have a headache and shoulder tension to match your lower back pain.

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