Specialising in a Unique Technique

Spirohealth is different from your mainstream chiropractor. Most of our adjustments take place standing up and you will see body changes on every visit. We discuss your previous medical history and revisit old injuries to ensure your body is moving and functioning as it should.

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) is an all-inclusive technique, starting from the head down to the toe and back up to the head again.


When Our Bodies Fail Us

The only movement that the body cannot fix alone is when a bone moves forward from its correct position. There is no muscle or muscle group that can pull that bone back into line.

When a bone or bones do move forward in this manner, the body twists up and tries to compensate for the lack of alignment. The body continues to become more contorted to compensate, and that is when the pain begins. Untreated, the posture becomes more forward and stooped as time goes by.

ABC moves the bones backwards into the position where they should belong. Once the bones are in correct alignment, the body will start to untwist itself and straighten. We will go through all old injuries and old injury positions to help get your body stronger and more stable.


Like the Game Jenga®, But in Reverse

Using ABC to reposition the bones can be likened to the game Jenga®, in reverse! Starting with an unstable, wobbly body, we put the pieces back into place to make it steadier and stronger.

You Cannot Treat Two People the Same!

We always work with you to adjust you in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. There are different ways of using ABC, depending on the needs of the patient.

Adjusting can be gentle if you need it to be or more firm if required. We take it at your pace and ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed throughout.

We are confident that it genuinely does provide results for every patient in our care.

Contact us today to discover more about ABC and how it may help you! 020 8780 5656