Painful pregnancy, what is normal?

As most of our clients at Spirohealth know, my wife Becky, is pregnant. We are expecting a baby girl in December, so the due date is fast approaching. It is a super exciting time in our lives and, also, quite daunting. It’s our first baby, so we are pretty new to the experience. We have done a fair amount of reading, done an NCT course, done a hypnobirthing course (highly recommend this).

Having looked after many pregnant women over the last 9 years in practice, I was very pleased that Becky was undergoing ABC™ treatment before her pregnancy and during. In my experience, over the years, the pregnancies are much easier on the body, if the body is better aligned.
Some of the problems that women may experience in pregnancy:

Pelvic girdle pain
Lower back pain
Hip pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)

These are a few of the types of symptoms one can get in pregnancy. With your body undergoing such huge amounts of shifts in terms of hormones, physiology and structure, the healthier the body before the pregnancy the better your chances of having a seamless pregnancy. There are many things that we as ABC™ practitioners can help with, when it comes to aches and pains, low back issues, pelvic joint pain, sciatica and general structural discomfort I have helped many mums to be through this time, to get relief of structural aches and pain.

One of the key areas, something they do talk a lot about in the NCT classes, are the positions you sit in. It was reinforced time and again, to make sure you need to sit up and not lounge, as it helped position the baby better in the pelvis, this is something we cover in care with Mums and in fact all of our clients. What we sit on, what shoes we wear and what we sleep on all have an impact on our bodies, pregnant or not. The issue is with pregnancy your bodies ligaments get a lot more lax, due to a hormone (Relaxin). So, these postures can have a bigger impact that usual on pregnant Mums. We offer a FREE Sitting, Sleeping and Standing (SSS) course, we go through all the best ways we know how to do SSS.

In my opinion and anecdotal experience, I have seen many Mums go through pregnancy with very little pain and general discomfort under ABC™ care. Becky hasn’t had it all easy, she has had some hip pain that has kept her up, she has had calls to the Midwife because of weird sensations and sharp pains, but at 8 months she is still walking around comfortably, she can sleep through the night without the hip pain. Dr Natalie was much the same in her pregnancy. I don’t think it is ok just to write pain and discomfort off as normal in pregnancy. So, if you know of anyone out there that is suffering, put them in contact with us and we can see what we can do to help. We work gently and within the comfort zone of the Mum.

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Dr Stuart Murray


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