Posture and your Feet

Let’s talk feet and shoes.

After over 18 years experience in posture correction, these are the three most important things I want you to know about feet and shoes. Number one, your feet have 26 bones in them. They have 33 joints and there’s over a hundred ligaments, tendons and muscles holding it together. Your arches in your feet are actually maintained by bones. So if anything changes to the shape of your foot, things like plantar fascitis can come on, a lot of other tendinitis can happen because the arches have collapsed. In this office, Spirohealth, we work to correct feet just as much as we do to correct the spine. 

The second thing, there are hundreds and thousands of nerve endings in the bottom of your foot. If you’re gonna wear shoes that are more cushioned and more built up, yes, you guessed it, you’re not gonna feel and you’re not gonna get as much information from your environment. This can predispose you to injuries and it also doesn’t stimulate your brain as much. So are we getting more stupid with the more built-up shoes that we’re wearing? 

And number three, shoes can collapse your spine. So what do I mean by that? Your shoes can make you more hunched over in time. None of us want to be hunched over. None of us want to look like that and none of us want to feel stiff like that. And the reason why it happens is when you put your shoes on, the shape of the shoe, the shape of the insole, if you’ve got orthotics, it causes your body to compensate. So of course, you put something on your feet and your body’s like, hold on a second, I’ve got to move around a little bit to compensate for this. This moving around causes instability and usually people end up in a place where they’re actually slightly pushed forward. When you push something forward in your spine, you can’t fix that. It stays there and your body twists up over time. 

So if you’re not wearing the right shoes, you can get more stiff, more twisted and more hunched over. We have a fantastic class that we do every single month. You are very welcome to sign up virtually or in person. The link to book is here. 

We also have a free posture quiz here

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