What is Posture Correction?

In our experience, within our Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) team at Spirohealth, we have never seen postural changes like we have with the ABC technique we use. Other chiropractic techniques are very effective too and very happy for you if you are getting the results you want from your health care team. In my humble opinion, and 12 years experience in the structural alignment world, ABC is the only technique where I have made significant lasting changes to a spine.

True posture correction is the restoration of normal curves to the spine and this impacts how the rest of the body moves and functions – from joints to organs.

You see, ABC allows the body to do what it needs to do in fixing what it can fix, when you run into problems (twists and bends). The only problems we deal with as practitioners is what the body cannot self correct- anterior (forward) stuck vertebrae (the building blocks of your spine). We simply do not have the specific musculature that are able to correct these bones.

Important key to the ABC journey, is that it is infact ‘a journey’. As your body changes you experience changes in how you stand, sit and sleep. Your centre of gravity shifts and even how you walk and talk may be different. It’s vital that you appreciate ABC is not a quick fix and some bodies we deal with are really screwed up. You can rest assured, when we do our thorough assessment, as we do on all our potential clients, you will know exactly where you are on your journey and what the next best step is for you.

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Why are we so sure about ABC?

Let the results speak for themselves.

posture correction
Beverley – Before & After
Posture correction
Packer – Before & After
posture correction
Francisca – Before & After
Posture correction
Chris – Before & After