Posture Myth #5: ‘I’ll get a better chair’

‘Sitting is the new smoking!’

I am sure your have heard or read this before. Not only does sitting put twice as much pressure on your lower back as standing does, when you are slumping, it’s even more pressure. Sitting also decreases the blood flow to the muscles that help hold us upright which tires out the muscles and adds to slouching.

Sitting on ergonomic chairs (tilts and lumbar supports) and exercise balls can actually increase the pressure on the lower back. And sometimes you slump even more on a ball because you don’t have any back support. In fact the muscles used on a ball and stool are not that much different. While ball exercises are recommended for people with no existing lower back pain and no balance issues, the best thing you can do is get up and move around as much as possible in your day.

How much time do you spend sitting each day? Watch this great  2 minute video here. Sitting

If you have a structural problem that your body cannot fix itself- the chair will not help you. The longer you sit the worse it becomes.

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Natalie Robertson, ABC practitioner, Life Coach signing off

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