Posture MYTH#4: ‘I just bent over and my back went into spasm!’

‘I just bent over and my back went into spasm!’ or ‘I just woke up like this’, and you cannot move your neck. Does this sound familiar???

Often it’s just brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, loading the car with a suitcase, or putting your underwear on. It is basically a cry for help!!! Your tipping point.

Here is why:

Your body is amazing in that is designed to fix itself.

We have bones that protect our spinal cord called vertebrae- like building blocks. The only time we cannot fix ourselves is when these building blocks get pushed forwards. We have no muscles to pull them back. These forward bones may have been there from just the birth process alone, or sitting with poor posture (you know you do), bad beds, horrible shoes, falls, accidents etc.

Your body compensates for these slumped bones by twisting up…if it keeps twisting and twisting and winding up—-HEY PRESTO!!! Something has to give  and you suddenly cannot move! Other times its more of a slow process- few symptoms at a time- aches, pains, crick neck, clicking joints, stiffness. Body function changes too- short of breath? Low energy? Poor sleep? Weak immune system?

A blown disc (herniated disc, prolapse disc) is just a build up of pressure on that disc from a twist pattern and may not even be caused from the pressure from that area…it usually stems from somewhere else. Now ask yourself why surgery on that particular disc would help???

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