Pregnant? TOP 5 reasons to be aligned

I am talking to anyone who is pregnant, or knows anyone who is pregnant…

I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant myself…YAY! Nearly half way and I am myself-an ABC practitioner and South African trained Chiropractor. Growing bigger and changing everyday certainly is a journey! BUT what has been MOST obvious these last 20 weeks are these 5 points below.

TOP 5 reasons to be aligned:

  1. Lower back pain: I look and walk like Father Christmas! Now I know how people are feeling that have these large stomachs pulling there lower back forward into a deep arch position-it’s painful! The minute I am aligned…this pressure is 85% better and guess what I can walk normally again- which I am sure my hips, knees and ankles love too.
  2. Bladder pressure: I need to pee ALOT! Hormones do it but boy oh boy…pressure on the bladder does it too. I am up 4-5 times a night in very light sleep anyways. I get aligned and BAM! Maybe up once per night or even none.
  3. Swollen legs and ankles: Some ladies are affected more than others in this department but with me-I have an alignment and my boots zip up the next day- like magic!
  4. Shortness of breath: I am still exercising but wowzer those stairs can feel like hell on earth- and I am panting at the top. After an alignment I can do way more and not get out of breath so easily. BONUS!
  5. Heart burn: relief follows just hours after an alignment. I don’t suffer with this one but the moms-to-be I deal with are off those ant acids straight away- for a period anyway.

Remember- ‘a happy wife=a happy life!’ With a lot of horrible, uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms you get told, ‘it’s because you are pregnant.’ That is a complete cop out!!!

Get your wife, sister, mom, friend, co worker in to see an ABC practitioner TODAY!

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Signing off for now,

Natalie Robertson


ABC practitioner, Osteomyologist

M Tech Chiropractic SA

Life Coach QSCA



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