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  • ABC Yoga Flow


    Enjoy this yoga flow that is safe for your whole body. About 60 minutes in total.

    Focussing on not causing collapse to the spine, as most yoga does.
    We spent lots of time ensuring it’s the best movements for your spine and body (and mind)
    And you can adjust the intensity level to suit you.

  • Blueprint to a Better You


    Blueprint to a Better You is the 5 module video series on your journey of self discovery and transformation. 

    Each module is divided into easily digestible clips. Touching on mind, body and soul. It’s all about straight up honesty, practical tool sharing with no judgement.

    Remember inspiration without action is just entertainment, vision without action is hallucination.

    After this course you can get to a place of showing up in the world authentically you, calmer, with more self confidence, more peace, creating your own reality, with a sense of purpose and all the while having fun!