Video Testimonials

Thorough Explanations

My assessment was very thorough and the explanations easy to understand. I am confident that I can be helped.

by Catherine E

Posture Has Improved

After just 1 visit I already feel like my posture has improved. I can’t wait for my next visit!

by Natalie G

Very Welcoming

Very welcoming and comfortable experience.

by Alan M

Great Consultation

Thank you for the great consultation. I very much appreciate how you listen and explain to make sure I understand everything.

by Ai Y

Perfect Experience

Perfect experience. Very friendly and informative.

by Baria Q

Standing, Sitting and Sleeping Difference

I’ve never been to a chiropractor before and was skeptical when my wife told me about it. But after attending a session about standing, sitting and sleeping things made sense about the aches and pains I’ve had for years and not thought much about. My first session was a thorough assessment of my overall health and was much more thorough than I expected, it immediately made me think about my health differently. The first adjustment I had was a very simple one, but straight away I noticed the difference – I stand taller and straighter and my shape looks better already. Thanks for making me feel better and welcomed to the practice, I look forward to my series of appointments and how much better I’ll feel.

by Daniel R

Looking Forward To Next Visit

Looking forward to next visit already.

by Jason S

Very Pleased With The Practitioner Approach

Very pleased with the practitioner’s approach, professionalism and understanding level of attitude. Great communication and politeness, which gives most comfortable feeling throughout the examination. Very polite and helpful receptionist too. Great overall experience!

by Teodora I

Trapped Nerve

Thanks to Dr. Natalie I am a new man. I was suffering from a trapped nerve for 3 weeks but after my first treatment I experienced instant pain relief. If you ever suffer from back pain, take my advice, go and see Dr. Natalie at Spirohealth. Thank you so much for your professional help.

by Craig H

Recommend Spirohealth

I can not recommend Spirohealth enough. When I first went to see them I did not know what to expect, I saw Natalie and she explained to me about how my body works and why I was having so much problems its as if she knew all about me before I went to see her, I started to see improvement within days of my first treatment. I would recommend that all go to see them you’ll see the difference right away.

by Leonie W