SHOCKING PICTURES: amazing results 2 years apart

Amazing results: Can you see how Miss G has changed in 2 years from her pictures?

We have had the honour of working with Miss G for over 2 years and she has had the honour of adding life to her years ahead (and she didn’t even take the fast track route)

Top 3 things to notice:

amazing results
Miss G – before & after

1. Her complexion: look how red and distressed she is in the before picture and how her complexion is more uniform now- this means a less stressed circulation system, a better working heart. Have you seen how red in the face/nose some people look around your home town- take a look! She is less ‘puffy’ too.

2. Her head position: can you see her head has come back to a better point over her shoulders? When your head is forward, you live a shorter life. Yes I said it! It’s linked to your life expectancy.

3. Lower back curve: can you see she doesn’t lean back as far now. This means a stronger core, pelvis, easier mobility and less muscle strain, better chance of falling pregnant, better digestion and bladder function.

She has also reduced her stress levels, taken up more exercise and is more conscious of what she eats, including juicing.

This is why I do what I do! This makes a difference in the world. Awesome result Miss G and we look forward to the next 2 years at Spirohealth.

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