Simple 6 principles to better sitting

What is the best chair to sit in?

Not sitting in the correct chair can have a profoundly negative affect on the body, pushing bones in the spine forward, leading to the body needing to compensate to cope.
These compensations that are being created, are wheat cause the aches and pains you suffer with.

It is a relatively straight forward process to get yourself the correct chair. It does not have to be some expensive “orthopaedic” chair, but it does need to follow some basic principles.
Basic principles for a chair:

1.The seat needs to have a back rest that is 90 degrees to it.
2.The back rest should be high enough to support almost the whole back.
3.The seat needs to be flat and firm.
4.You need to put a wedge on your seat, this puts the pelvis in a good position to support your body.
5.Your feet need to be able to the flat on the ground when sitting.
6.There must be no lumbar support.

If you do manage to get this right, it is a first big step in getting rid of the aches, pains and poor posture you get when you sit down. Otherwise please come in to Spirohealth and meet our team for a complementary session where you can ask questions and get yourself checked out.

Hope this helps, next time I blog, it will be about what you can do to setup your work station, once you have got a good chair.

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Dr Stuart Murray

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