Stop the hunchback

How can I prevent myself from hunchback? The two most important factors that I find in my office in Putney- Spirohealth, is number one, your bed and number two, what you sit on. So if you’re not going to come in and get adjusted and corrected, it’s not about a whole lot of exercises to strengthen and shift and hanging off the bed and hanging over an arch. It’s literally about considering what you spend eight plus hours of your day in, as well as pillow height and what you spend yourself time sitting on.

At Spirohealth, and what we recommend for most clients is that you have a bed that isn’t memory foam. That’s number one. And number two is as firm as possible. Reflex foam and latex works well. I can recommend a link if you’d like me to just comment below.

And pillows. Now pillows is not one size fits all. I’ve got people that have spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on pillows. It’s not about that. It’s about finding the pillow height that’s right for you. And it’s not even about the distance between here and there and keeping your spine in neutral when you’re lying on your side, it’s about the least tension in your spine. So I could be really, really small and sleep on a pillow that’s really, really high and actually be comfortable and have the best night’s sleep. So we sell pillows here that have got layers. Fantastic. There’s no one size fits all. You can take up the layers to suit you and where your body is.

As I said, really, really firm mattresses, definitely no memory foam. Memory foam will a hundred percent twist you up, shift you up and knock you forward and collapse you. And then seating. So what we’ve got in here is we’ve got things called wedges. The seat wedges in our shop look something like this. You can get a two inch or a three inch, three inch, usually for cars, they completely collapse us as well. Think hunchback!

So yeah, seat wedges, buy one, get a new mattress, get a new pillow, change your life.

Check out our free posture quiz here to see if you can be helped.

And obviously come in and have an adjustment if you’re concerned about something even further, but yeah, hope to see you soon. Book in here

Hope this helped. Bye for now

Natalie Robertson Director

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