Stuart’s blog: how hard is it to change?

How hard is it to change, for the better?

Stuart of Spirohealth wrote: I think it’s quite tough to change, when you look around you all you see the are the end products. The ripped gym bunny, the slim sport model, the skinny friend, the wealthy friend, the expert in academia or the sports star.

When we see change or wanting to be better in this context, from where we are sitting, we can often see these goals as to far away and just somewhat impossible. Now, I’m going to start with the assumption that we all have started and failed at something, so we all know what it feels like to not succeed. This is normally because we give up, that we fail.

If we are honest with ourselves and take responsibility. The process of becoming or doing anything of substance is not a linear path but one of many ups and downs, but when we take responsibility and look at what those failures are, they become lessons, those lessons make you better for the next time. That’s what all the successful people do, they keep at it and keep learning.

So in short, I would challenge you to have this mantra (it’s the one I use, but feel free to work on your own):

You will be amazed where you get to by doing something small every day.

To get you started, here is my favourite breakfast smoothie, help you do something better tomorrow than you did today (if you don’t already have something even yummier and good for you).

You need:

A blender

200 ml coconut milk

hand full of strawberries

half a banana

 2 organic eggs. (We buy the coconut milk in bulk off Amazon and the rest of the bits from Waitrose. Feel free to do your own thing).

Blend until smooth.



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