The truth about your health

Can you take the truth about your health?

First up, know this, your nervous system controls everything in your body- your immune system, your hormones, your appetite, your metabolism, your energy levels, your digestion, your muscular system, your sex drive, your fertility, your emotions/moods your focus, your healing power.

Secondly, your nervous system is protected by your skull and your spine. We have to look after our spine to keep our nervous system working well to maintain our health and wellbeing. Ask yourself why some people live to 100 and others only to 78, amongst other things, they would have a better posture= spine shape. Look at my grandmother who is fit as a fiddle, she has a sharp mind too, and 89 years old. She gets out for her walks, sits in a good chair for no longer than an hour at a time before she moves around, wears good shoes and has a very firm bed- all the things we encourage people to do to protect their spines.

Not being aligned and carrying a baby for 9 months, nursing a baby for the last 6 months (bending over, changing, bathing and picking her up) was a very different way of life for me and my body. You can bet the plane trips, beds and pillows that were no good for me for over 2 months i was away in South Africa for added to this. My spine had changed shape, i noticed i had a bump at the back of my head and i was definitely more hunched over now. These are all signs that your body is battling. Please visit us for a complementary discovery session with one of our Advanced team at Spirohealth.

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