TOP 5 mistakes you are making with shoes

A good shoe is vital after all 25% of your skeleton is in your foot, so it makes sense to look after your feet….right? But so many of us have feet that are beginning to look like our shoes!

5 mistakes you are making everydayshoe mistakes

1. Shoe is too narrow– your feet should be able to splay out at maximum width when wearing your shoes- if they don’t- there will be unbalanced forces going up through your ankles, knees and into your hips and even your spine. Mens dress shoes are the worst here by the way, and peep toes for the ladies.

2. Shoe is too hard/inflexible– if you cannot push off from your big toe correctly when walking- the force will have to go somewhere- like your knee or hips? Ever wonder why you get in and kick your shoes off asap?!?

3. Shoe is too flat– yes it’s possible! Check inside your running shoes- see the negative heel (the big dip at the back of the shoe for your heel). This makes your body work very hard just to be upright and balanced, when wearing your shoes. Imagine that- you using more energy on your run than you should be!

4. Insoles/Orthotics-I know they cost ALOT, I also know they may help your toe, knee or hip for the short term but the longer term affect of using insoles is very hard on the body and may even be affecting your breathing, and not in a good way.

5. Heels- good or bad? This largely depends on your body but also the height of the shoe. Most mens dress shoes are good to go. Ladies- normally way too high- forces a sway back and in the long term can affect your posture badly.

Change your shoes- to change your life.

If you have any questions- reach out at and note that we have a monthly educational workshop at Spirohealth covering- SIT SLEEP STANDING. Sign up is FREE and open to the public.

Yours in health

Natalie Robertson


ABC practitioner, Life Coach

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