Top 5 tips in 10 seconds to LOVING food again???

Do you find yourself reaching for the yummy snacks (usually high carb/sugar) after a stressful long day?

Overeating/portions to big? Eating a little through the day and breaking your diet at night?

Are you gaining unwanted pounds over the years?

Frustrated and angry with yourself, ‘what is the use? I have messed up now, I might as well go big!!!’ as you grab your next packet of biscuits.

YOU are not alone!!!

Check out these top 5 tips in 10 seconds to loving food again:

1. Sit down– always eat sitting down! Make it a rule- it slows you down and you not on the run.

2. Slow down– chew slowly. We are very much affected by those around us/tv/noises. Turn the tv off!!! Make a conscious effort to chew slower.

3. Savour your food– use all the senses. Mindful eating- smell it, taste it, feel the texture in your mouth, see and even listen to it cooking. Eat with your non- dominant hand- eat 30% less calories. Bonus right?!?

4.Simple strategy– keep the treats out of view. If you see it, you will want to eat. Out of sight- out of mind.

5.Smile– stop and smile to yourself, be proud of you eating more consciously. This has a deep positive effect on the body physiology. When you happy… you do not overeat.

Cheers for reading and have an outstanding time ahead!

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Director, ABC Advanced practitioner, Life Coach, Chiropractic South Africa, Natalie Robertson


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