Tummy Tuck- no surgery required.

The dreaded stomach pouch

If you are anything like me, and have a little stomach pouch that will not shift. You diet, you exercise, resist eating chocolate and all its loveliness however your little pouch won’t budge.
I bet your friends make comments about how great you look and how awesome your physique is. Yet when you look in the mirror. Guess what’s staring back? The Pouch!
Well I have awesome, life changing news!! That pouch could be caused by some thing other than fat. What you need is not a personal trainer but an ABC practitioner. They specialise in fixing posture.

tummy tuck
SUCCESS!!! 1 adjustment-Tummy pouch gone, head back. Spirohealth results speak for themselves.

Stay with me here-the deep curvature of your spine at the base might just be the cause for the belly pouch. Saggy boobs too? This may be from other weak points in your back that roll your shoulders forward!

If that’s the reason

what you need are a some adjustments and as your spine aligns -the pouch will also disappear!

No surgery necessary. Tummy Tuck

If your serious about ditching that pouch have a word with your local chiropractor (They are very friendly) BUT make sure they do ABC technique– it’s the only one that fixes your posture.

If you happen to be local to Putney reach out to Spirohealth

We will be more than happy to help put a spring in your step and a non surgical tummy tuck

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