Using 10% of your brain???

The human brain is 2% of our total body mass but yet uses 500 calories per day to function. We have 86 billion neurons (nerve cells).


I am very unsure where the statement, ‘ we use only 10% of our brain,’ comes from in the research literature. In fact we can use ALL 100% if we wanted. BUT we have specific patterns/habits/ rituals that we go through everyday that allows us to ‘save’ energy and not have to think as much.

Also we have a left and right sides- Left- logic, Right- more emotional type thoughts and functions.

As Bruce Lipton an accomplished neurobiologist and spiritualist says in his video below: ‘Change your patterns to keep your brain functioning at its best.’

Watch it here

He even talks of exercises you can do to stimulate brain function and learning ability.


Natalie Robertson- ABC practitioner, Life coach and Change agent.

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Natalie Robertson

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