Value of 33 seconds

33 seconds

Did you know the blood pumps around the whole body in 33 seconds? All the nutrients are distributed and all the waste is taken out every 33 seconds!!!

There is about 11 million Kwh per pound potential energy in the particles of our body. How much POWER do you really have? Have a watch of this video with Bob Proctor and make some new decisions starting today.

Do you believe in yourself?

I mean really believe…check out this exercise you can do for yourself to boost your confidence and work on some deep sub-conscious beliefs that do not serve you. After all 90% of your thoughts and actions are controlled by your sub-conscious mind.

Yes…why your relationships don’t work out, why you don’t reach your health goals or financial situation doesn’t change. Even why you judge others- it’s all so energy consuming. We want more energy…right? Explained in detail by Joe Vitale- click here.


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