Value yourself and the world will value you

VALUE. I had to share this video (only 8 minutes) on valuing yourself. Click here to watch now.

You will never be paid what you are worth. People will pay you what they think you are worth, and you control what they think. So it makes sense to really think about what value you add to the people around you- personal and of course business.

Redefine your value, ask questions like:

How do I add to people’s quality of life?

What problems do I solve for my clients/customers?

What am I especially good at/offer that no one else does?

Be willing to communicate your value clearly to your client/customer. Have regular progress reports for them. Allow them to take responsibility for results where applicable too.

At Spirohealth, we do just this both in postural correction and life coaching arenas. If you would like more information on this or any other service with us please contact us

Value yourself
Natalie Robertson
Advanced ABC practitioner
Life Coach

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