Vicky and her doggy love

Doggy love: As many of you know one of the great joys in my life are our dogs Muffin and Pickle. I never imagined 11 years ago when we went to ‘see’ some puppies how much it would change our lives. I say ‘see’ as that was the only way we could get my father-in-law (whom we lived with) to agree to go out into Kent to look at puppies. He even wanted to stay in the car when we arrived at the breeders! Of course, we dragged him in – one look at Muffin, we were all smitten & he came home with us ️

Muffin arrived at a tough time in our lives – after an ectopic pregnancy and with the prospect of IVF looming -he made everything that little more bearable and gave us something else to focus on. Looking back – and now with Pickle on the scene – none of us realised the impact they would have on the whole family.

There are the obvious things – the unconditional love, that wonderful welcome when you get home (doesn’t really seem to matter if you’ve been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours), emotional support & companionship – but we have so much more to thank them for. As soon as you get a dog – everyone stops & talks to you. Not only have we become much more physically active with them but we have met so many people and made many new friends. Even now, when we are out without them it still amazes me how many people know Muffin & Pickle & will start a conversation.

But possibly the biggest thing? – they make us smile and laugh – and do it with ease. I don’t think they ever have a bad day, have no worries and live life to the fullest. Their focus is what is directly in front of them and they constantly remind us to live in the moment because that’s the only way they know how. They make us happier simply because they are so happy themselves.

With love Vicky

Spirohealth Chiropractic Assistant

Doggy love

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