Vicky’s ABC journey

I wanted to share with you all my ABC experience – from someone who was literally starting at ground zero.

It’s only with hindsight looking back that I realise that what I had been living with for many years had become my ‘normal’ …… constant headaches and occasional migraines that I relied totally on strong drugs to get me through. I got so used to it that it didn’t even cross my mind to mention it during my Initial Consultation. Likewise the fact that I’d fallen down the stairs and done some serious damage to my coccyx which meant I hadn’t been able to sit down properly for months! All these things I was so used to living with were immediately flagged up by Natalie – and they hadn’t even been on my radar. I put down that my general health was a 7 out of 10, and up to that point I had been happy with that. But why wouldn’t I want to be 10 out of 10?

So, I embarked on my journey & within a few weeks – perhaps even less – everyone noticed how infrequent my headaches were becoming – this was such a huge life change for me (& those around me). Now I can honestly say that I rarely have headaches & even less migraines. When I do, I can usually pinpoint what It was that contributed to it. I’m so much more aware of what I’m doing with my body – not looking down at my phone/iPad, how I am sitting, the way I exercise etc.

The adjustments themselves took some getting used to, I’ll admit. The stretches seemed so alien at first – never painful but such a strange sensation – difficult to describe. As time went on I learned to relax & get so much more out of the treatment.

My posture has definitely improved. I notice I’m much more upright when I sit and walk without making an effort – and call me vain but by body looks better now that I’m not slumping so much! Happy days

I won’t try to tell you that I haven’t had some difficult forwards – when I have been so exhausted that I could hardly get up in a morning – but having more frequent adjustments & working through them you do come out the other side with the benefit of knowing that you’ve unlocked something & your body is progressing. However ghastly you feel at the time there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve been introduced to so many different ideas that not only have the physical changes I’ve noticed been huge but I’m much more open to new ideas and trying to incorporate our wellness philosophy into my everyday life. Coming from a very ‘down to earth, no nonsense’ northern family you can imagine some of the raised eyebrows!

I feel genuinely blessed to have found ABC and Spirohealth – I have been given & have taken the opportunity to change my life around. It might not appear so much on the surface but to my nearest & dearest the change has been immense.

I’m coming up to my 50th birthday this year & approaching it in the best shape I’ve ever been in. There’s still more work to do but I’m actually looking forward to doing it. Who knows – by the time I’m 60 I could be even better

All the best on your journey



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