Vicky’s November news

Well, my year of change & upheaval continues. As you read this I will be buried under tons of packing cases as Andy & I move home. You’d think we’d be getting quite good at it by now, but even though we’ve only been in our current house 4 years once again we’ve accumulated so much stuff. It’s only when you start to get things out & look at everything that you realise how unnecessary most of it is. So we’ve been ruthless & have had a massive clear-out …. and it feels great.

It’s such an exciting time for us – it’s the first house we have chosen together which is solely for us (and Muffin & Pickle, of course) and being a bit of a doer-upper will be quite the challenge – but we can’t wait.

For all the excitement there is also some sadness – it really feels like we are moving on. Neither of us will ever forget our Dads but we had some great times here with all the family & it’s almost like we’re leaving that behind a bit. Perhaps because we’ll never have the chance to do that in our new place & they were both such great hosts & entertainers in their day – it’s sad to think we won’t have any of those moments in our new home.

On the other hand we’ve been been blessed to have made so many new friends here – and have really become part of the local community. Even though Andy has lived in the area all his life, losing his Dad & not wanting to be in the house alone when I was out at work forced him (& I in turn) to get out & meet new people. I’ve a feeling there’ll be plenty of opportunities to create some special memories with friends old & new in the coming months – with perhaps a little bit of stress thrown in 🤣

So, wish us luck ….. and if anyone knows a good plumber/electrician/builder etc please let me know on shift at Spirohealth!

Mrs Vicky Miller

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