Want faster results???

Being ‘time poor’ seems to a be a big factor in today’s world. That is why I am here to help you get faster results in your health and your life.

Top 5 key tips:

1. Get to a SIT, SLEEP, STANDING workshop: tonight at 7:15pm for 45 minutes. Why? you ask, you discover how to look after yourself outside of Spiro, unwind faster and keeps you better for longer. If you miss this one- Next one on 3 weeks time.
2. Realise that time cannot be managed, only activities can be managed. Get your day planned out the day before on top priority things, otherwise it gets filled with low priority rubbish.
3. Understand how the mind and body really work– what are your goals in the next 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?why do you sabotage your eating/exercise regime? Where do negative voices in your head come from? Why are you so tired on a Monday after a weekend? Join me at this event 5 November at Spiro, YOU get perks as a valued member 30% off! Check it out HERE
Also available for corporate/school team talks/workshops- get the BEST out of your staff. Loved my Barclays bank talk a few weeks back and working with a leading University now as well as partnering up with a well known Doctor of Naturopathy.
4. Supplement:A good probiotic, Vitamin D (the sun she has gone), good multivitamin, Omega 3 for brain function. Yip that is a good start.
5. Request a longer appointment with your practitioner if you still don’t get the ABC unwinding story and want to see the pictures of the scars in an actual spine. If you can visualise things, guess what your body follows those pictures, you get better faster. Like an Olympic athlete visualising winning gold.
Any questions mail info@spirohealth.co.uk
With love and gratitude
Natalie xo

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{PRACTICE NAME} Advanced ABC practitioner, Life Coach, Chiropractic SA, Speaker
Natalie Robertson

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