Want to be 25% happier?

You want to be happier?

Science tells us that when we take part in deliberate gratitude this has an immediate impact on our chemical make up, which in turn affects us physically.

How does this happen?

When we think good thoughts we release good neurotransmitters and other natural chemical boosters into our body. These are serotonin (feel good) and dopamine (for inspiration). You literally change what you look at in the world through forming new nerve pathways every time you focus on what is going right and what you are truly thankful for.

Through many years of experience in coaching at Spirohealth, I can see that a lot of people struggle to look for what they are thankful for amongst the darkness, stress and turmoil. Take it back to basics. Be grateful for running water, the sun on your face, a warm cup of coffee, the pillow under your head, the blanket over you at night, the safety of your home.

Once you get into a habit, which new research has concluded it’s 66 days to create a new habit , you will be riding a wave and soon you are looking for all the good you can everyday.

Another study showed that those people who had a gratitude journal were 25% happier than those that didn’t. And even following up on this happier group 9 months later, regardless of whether they continued their gratitude journal or not, they were still happier.

It’s something you can start TODAY. Use your phone, even better, buy a journal, there is something so special about the action of writing.

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Natalie Robertson
Advanced ABC practitioner
Life Coach

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